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Are you disturbed? Do you need help? Disturbed Paranormal is where you come when you at your wits end, need honesty and answers! Our show covers topics from Ghost Hunting and The Dangers of the Paranormal to Bipolar and Mental Health! Why? Because mental health disorders maybe linked to paranormal attacks.

Get the 411 by listening every Tuesday night at 9pm  Pacific Time (California) and 12am midnight or the witching hour Eastern time (New York). This podcast can be heard in every country around the world at
We have special guest from many backgrounds and professions, EVP Specialist, UFO Hunters, Documentarians, Crimal Investigative Psychic, Pet Psychics, Celebrity Psychics, Dybbuk Specaialist, Demonologist and all other hauntingly disturbed subjects!

                                     Your Hosts

Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley, professional psychic and paranormal investigator for over 8 years. Interviewing the finest in the paranormal field. Former host of Belinda Bentley's Paranormal World on haunted Voices Radio "bringing paranormal to the world" and Anything Goes with Melissa Bacelar! Not only can you find her on the radio, but also on TV, E! Vh-1 and Dave Navarro's Spread TV.

Joining Belinda every Tuesday is Author and Astrologer Hale S. Mednik. Author of the sensational fictional story around historic and astrologic facts The Twelve Tribes. Gifted in picking up radio show callers mental angish and issues such as split personalities and depression over the phone. If your crazy he'll tell you so!

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