The Kennedy House Paranormal Gold
By Belinda Bentley - Celebrity Psychic and Senior Lead Investigator of HPI Paranormal
Founder of G.H.O.S.T

Greg Rickords contacted HPI to tell-a-tale about a house he once lived in, but before the ghostly happenings are recounted let me give you some background on this place. In Amador County, there is a house called "Kennedy House" that is rich with history. It's story began in the 1800's. The Kennedy House was around when the gold rush was at it's prime. The location was heavy with traffic, because people were migrating from all over in hopes of striking it rich in California - mining for gold. The Kennedy House was a stage coach stop for those stopping along the way. There were a lot of high emotions in that era. Men left their families in search of gold while others were watching men drop to their deaths in the mines and hoping that they would not have the same fate the next day. People were excited when they struck gold in the mines and became millionaires overnight and there are those desperate souls who had all their gold stolen and murdered for their goods, not to mention high emotions coming from those who were doing the robbing, stealing and killing. Around this time in history those that got caught were hung. All of these elements make the perfect ingredients for residual and intelligent haunting.

The Kennedy House at one time was also a "cat house," or other wise known as a brothel. Then it became a hotel and now today it is residential property. That's where Mr. Rickords, comes in. After being dismissed due to disagreements from his in-laws house, he moved alone into one of the Kennedy House apartment rooms. He lived alone while his pregnant wife stayed at her parents. One night Rickords, walked into his apartment to find a man there wearing a white shirt and then the man vanished. Within the nine months that he lived there he had one more personal incident that took his breath away. While he was sleeping in his bed one night, he felt what he described as someone lifting him off the bed as if he'd just been picked up and then he was slammed back down on the bed. He was so scared he ran outside hitting his arm on the door frame on the way out. As he stood there catching his breath and convincing himself it had to be a dream and nothing more, he turned around to see a man wearing a top hat walking, the man stopped and tipped his top hat acknowledging him and then simply disappeared! Waking up the next morning recalling this "dream" Rickord's realized his arm was in pain. He noticed the bruise from hitting the door frame as he ran out in terror just a few hours before. It wasn't a dream at all!

Soon after these occurrences happened, Rickords was chatting with a Native American neighbor at the Kennedy House. He asked his neighbor "have you heard of this place being haunted?" His neighbor said, "yes," to his surprised. He then asked his neighbor about the guy in the white shirt. The Native American being a sensitive due to his shamanic background told him yes, that it was only one of the spirits and that there was also another with a top hat. Rickords hadn't mentioned anything about a top hat to this man and here it was validated yet again, this place was in fact haunted and he'd witnessed the spirits himself. The neighbor also recounted seeing another four spirits, making the total of residential spirits 6.

After moving out Rickords heard nothing else about the haunting, but would like HPI to investigate to see what we find. Since it is a private residence we won't be doing an investigation unless management or a resident of the historic house asks us too. If and when they come calling HPI we will be more than happy to jump on it, because it sounds like we might have just struck it rich - we may be able to hit paranormal gold with the Kennedy House!

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I received this email from Marie of Flint, Michigan, the home of Elias Abuelazam aka the Flint Michigan Serial Killer.
"Dear Paul,
Sorry it took me so long to write this, I've had a really ruff day. I was woken up at 2:48 this morning with activity. My TV in the living room was turned on and off, I heard foot steps, bangs and all the cupboards were opened up. It lasted about an hour. I've been unable to sleep the entire day.
Tonight at 8 pm my son was at the dining room table and heard foot steps, so he is very afraid right now. Here is a list of things that has happened to me in the last yr.
My father passed on August 15th of 2009, I have renovated this house, it all started after we did the front porch.
I've been called names, really bad names, there are bangings, foot steps, you can hear a little boy say "mommie" (my 4 yr old says there is a little boy living down stairs.) Doors open and close, candles fly at you, things are out of place, I have seen a black shadow twice now and it's very tall with red eyes. I've been scratched and took pics of it on my cell. The animals freak out and bark at nothing and the way the cat growls you would think she is getting stabbed or something. I just want my house back, this is my childhood home and I promised my dad I would stay here and save it. I did what he wanted me to do and I will NOT give it up. I want my child safe and not afraid to go to sleep at night, he's 4 and afraid of the dark and never was before, I hope you can help us.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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What Dangers Lie Ahead When Investigating The Paranormal!

As paranormal shows become increasingly popular like Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, A Haunting and more people are quick to jump from the couch to a haunted house, with little or no experience at all.

Watching a TV show doesn't make you the expert, you have to know what you believe in and have an idea on how you will handle any situation. Intention is important as well.

I have been investigation for about 5 years and that was after a year and a half of working with my guide to learn trust. To trust myself and them. Once that was done they told me now it is time.

Many people are not going through spiritual training with unseen forces or even training with physical people with experiences. So we asked Dan Mewhinney to be a part of our show! Dan had so many suggestions and a list of the dangers that even I a seasoned PI learned something!

This was a phenomenal show! Learn to spot when you are being haunted by a demon to how to get help and how to protect yourself so you never need help!

This is a life changing radio show that I suggest everyone interested in the paranormal listen to. The information with in valuable.

As a ghost hunter in the public eye I feel I have a duty to educate people before they follow what I do. Dan Mewhinney has actually seem to make a career out of educating folks. Teen who have broken in to places to investigate on their own have put themselves and their families in danger, how can we protect our next generation? Education, forward this show to someone you feel might need it! 


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